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GHR Gold Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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If you have a question about GHR Gold or the other GHR products, and it is not answered here, please ask us.

What can I expect from using GHR Gold
This program can make a radical difference in your health, appearance and outlook!

  • Increased muscle strength and size

  • Loss in body fat

  • Increased bone density

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Quickens wound healing

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Improved vision

  • Wrinkle disappearance

  • Increased skin thickness and texture

  • New hair growth and color restored

  • Increased energy levels and exercise endurance

  • Improved sleep and emotional stability

  • Improved memory and mental alertness

  • Increased sexual potency I frequency

  • Resistance to common illness

  • Strengthened heart muscle

  • Controlled cholesterol

  • Controlled mood swings

When is the best time to start taking GHR Gold?
The best time to start the GHR Gold program is now, because the reality is you're not getting any younger. Ideally, if you began this program between 38 to 40 years of age, you could maintain your appearance and current biological age for the next 10 to 20 years.

How often does one take GHR Gold?
GHR Gold is taken every night for five straight days. Then you take two days off. This is continued for a three month period. These breaks allow your body not to "get used to it" and make it more effective during the time you're taking it.

How long does one bottle of GHR Gold last?
Each bottle contains 80 capsules, for a full one-month supply.

How long will GHR Gold keep in storage and still be okay to use?
Two years.

Here you will find questions and answers about using the GHR 15 anti aging  supplement

Is there anything else I should be doing while taking GHR Gold?
Not to be overlooked is life style The more natural and unprocessed foods you eat, the better the results of the program. Refined, processed foods, and negative living habits, such as the intake of sugar, alcohol, and smoking can sometimes inhibit the amount of growth hormone that is released. Regular exercise also sends a signal to your pituitary gland to secrete higher hormone levels.

How long do I need to be on the program before I see results?
It is important to stay on this program a minimum of three months before expecting to see results. Usually, the higher your growth hormone levels are, the longer it will take to see a difference. The lower the growth hormone levels, the quicker you see results.

What can I expect to happen if I ever decided to stop taking GHR Gold? Will the process of anti-aging reverse and have a negative effect on me?
Your pituitary gland will resume it's normal state. There are no negative effects should you stop taking it.

Are there any known drug interactions with GHR Gold?

Is GHR Gold a steroid?

What are the difference and/or similarities of GHR Gold compared to DHEA?
DHEA, Progesterone, and the like are actual hormones. GHR Gold is a natural "hormone releaser", not a synthetic hormone, and is free of any reported side effects.

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What is IGF-1 and how does it relate to the Human Growth Hormones released by using GHR Gold?
IGF- 1 (Insulin Growth Factor) also known as Somatromedin C, is the most important growth factor that comes from the liver. It is IGF-1, rather than growth hormone itself, that is used as a measurement of how much growth hormone is being secreted by the body.  If you wanted to measure to see if GHR Gold was effective, you would get your IGF- I levels tested before and after with a simple blood test.

I've heard that blood tests of HGH levels should be made before beginning use of HGH. Do your recommend this?
While not necessary, blood tests of GH levels taken before the use of GHR Gold are a good way to measure the results -- we encourage these test only in that they back up our product.

Is there a certain age you should be in order to start taking GHR Gold?
The level of growth hormones in men and women start to decline around age 25. By age 35, that level is decreasing at a rapid pace and by the late 50's a minor trace of HGH is being released. Young and old alike can testify to increased energy, muscle mass (body builders), weight loss, and looking and feeling better then they have in a long time.

What are anterior pituitary peptides and where do they come from?
The anterior pituitary peptides are bioengineered parts of molecules from glandular extracts. Glandular products have been used in Europe for years and are usually taken from animal sources such as lamb or bovine. These are pharmaceutical grade and specially prepared from disease free herds and flocks.

What does "Fortified with hypothalmus" mean on the list of ingredients?
GHR Gold is fortified with a purified powder form of the hypothalmus gland. The manufacturer tested this additive for months before adding this ingredient to the production line of GHR Gold. The results of this test were an even increase in the HGH levels of those tested, with no side effects reported. Again, this is an all-natural ingredient that derives from sheep and is similar in nature to the Anterior Pituitary Peptides.

How much weight can I lose?
Studies have indicated that by increasing your Growth Hormone levels, you can lose up to 14.4% of body fat and gain up to 8.8% in muscle mass over a six-month period.

Can I take GHR Gold while Iím pregnant?
Since pregnancy and lactation cause an increase in hormonal activity, it is not necessary or desired to take hormone releasers at this time. If you are pregnant, you should always consult with your physician before taking any medication or supplements.

Can I take GHR Gold if I am diabetic?
Diabetes is often helped with the use of hormone releasers (GHR), however, blood/sugar levels should be closely monitored and the care of a physician is essential.

How does GHR Gold affect people with cancer or other serious medical problems?
While people with cancer or other serious medical problems could enjoy the benefits of releasing their own natural Growth Hormone, these individuals should consult with their doctor before taking any supplement product or medication.

How does GHR Gold affect those of us with prostate cancer?
As far as prostate cancer, there is a report by the Medical College of Wisconsin which shows that IGF1 levels are not associated with prostrate cancer. Please read this report and share it with your doctor if you need to.

I am a regular blood donor and I seem to recall always being asked whether I am receiving human growth hormones. Should I discontinue blood donations if I start taking GHR Gold?
This precaution is taken only if you are actually injecting Human Growth Hormone into your body, which can be dangerous and a costly thing to be do. GHR Gold does not contain hormones -- it stimulates your pituitary gland to release your own Human Growth Hormone and it is completely safe.

Is GHR Gold FDA approved?
GHR Gold is an all-natural supplement and does not fall into the approval jurisdiction of the FDA.

How should GHR Gold be stored?
Store in a cool, dry place is recommended. Your refrigerator is the best example. However, as long as the supply is in a temperature and humidity-controlled area, the product will be fine. Refrigeration is not required.

Couldn't I make this product myself by going to a nutrition store?
Most nutrition store sources of amino acids don't have sufficient quantities and balances to be effective growth hormone releases. And unless you are a medical researcher, trying to put together your own combination of amino acids will probably not be effective. GHR Gold stacks these amino acids and combines them with other ingredients that ensure the most effective stimulation of the pituitary gland and the highest results.

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